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Sleep Health is essential for the body to be able to function properly. If you are struggling to stay awake or fall asleep chances are you could have a sleep disorder. We can educate you on ways to achieve quality sleep so that you can lead a healthy  lifestyle and create an individualized plan to achieve your goals, while using sleep apnea treatment. 

 I am a Certified Sleep Health consultant, that will help you navigate your way to treating your sleep disorders, in a simple way that will not leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Sleep Apnea

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Our goal is to help you overcome the obstacles with sleep apnea treatment so that you can  live a healthy, happy life. 

Quality Sleep Health


Our goal is to set you up for success by getting you the quality sleep you deserve so that you can  accomplish your life goals.

Sleep Health Expert


Health consultant offering you simple assistance towards getting your sleep disorder treated. Offering you expert advice to help keep you informed about your sleep disorders and sleep apnea treatment.

Board Certified by the BRPT as an RPSGT, CCSH.

(fancy initials stand for registered person that does sleep testing, and certified to teach clinical sleep education). Have had Sleep Health Experience since 2007.

Nationally Certified by the BRPT


Sleep Health consultant a Certified Clinical Sleep Health Educator as well as a Registered Polysomnogram Technoligist since 2007.

Offering expert advice for your sleep disorders as well as sleep apnea treatment. 

Keeping it Simple


Offering you simple, easy to understand information to help you understand about how best to treat your sleep disorder.

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Jana Esparza, Teaching about Sleep Health